People, Diversity and Inclusion

Measuring our Success

With respect to our people programs, we achieved many successes in FY14. We were able to expand our programs by listening closely to feedback from our people and continued to focus on a number of key areas we consider very important. These included:

Fostering work/life flexibility:
During FY14, we increased monitoring of workloads and examined our resource levels and staffing models to identify options to better address peak period needs. We also asked partners and senior staff to support and help manage workloads and day-to-day informal flexibility; ensure flexibility is discussed in team meetings, coaching discussions and is included in our people’s goals; promote and support participation in our myLife flexibility programs which were created to help our people manage their personal and professional lives; and encourage the sharing of success stories our people have with respect to developing innovative flexibility solutions.

During FY14, we also hosted a myLife flexibility contest, which will now be an annual event, to celebrate what flexibility means to our people by asking them to share their personal or team flexibility stories. The top three winners of this contest received points through our Marquee Recognition Program.

Providing appreciation, recognition and rewards: We continue to focus on promoting a thank you culture that encourages our people to build positive relationships with each other. In FY14, we expanded our efforts to show more appreciation and recognition through the introduction of a national Appreciation Week—an idea formulated and implemented by our National Staff Council—whereby local offices were encouraged to find unique ways to say thank you. This resulted in a significant increase in the number of people recognizing others and receiving recognition.

Engaging with our people around our vision and strategy:
During FY14, we expanded efforts to help our people understand how our firm’s strategy relates to them personally, and to provide coaching on how to better align individual goals with our broader strategy so everyone can see how they individually make a difference and bring value to our firm every day. We have increased awareness of our strategy through various channels, including: screen savers, strategy placemats, leadership video messages, online group discussions, WebEx strategy sessions, and training for our coaches through Coach Connect to help them engage their coachee(s) around strategy alignment.

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