Corporate Responsibility: Stakeholders and materiality

Becoming a more responsible corporate leader by forging strong relationships

Engaging with all of our stakeholders is essential for us to understand our stakeholders’ needs and create the value they’re seeking. So we’re listening and responding to their views on responsible business. Dialogue with our stakeholder groups is central to being a responsible business.

Because there are so many possible priorities for our corporate responsibility programs, we focus on the important issues to our business – the things that matter most.

Within Canada we’ve chosen to focus on four quadrants where we feel we can achieve the most significant outcomes and impacts: responsible business; diversity and having an inclusive environment; community engagement; and environmental stewardship.

The approach for defining important issues generally involves dialogue with our stakeholders and leadership, as well as an assessment of our market conditions.

In FY2014 we committed to broaden our engagement with our stakeholders and conduct an updated assessment to better link our CR approach, reassess our risks and opportunities, ensure alignment with our business goals and guide the implementation of our new CR strategy. This work was deferred due to resource constraints. We recently hired a dedicated Sustainability Manager who will lead this process during FY2014. We will report back on the results of these efforts in our next Corporate Responsibility Highlights document.

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