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Current job: COO of FrontFundr
My time at PwC: 2008-2015, Vancouver office

What is FrontFundr: FrontFundr is the leading online investment platform in Canada, bridging the gap between investors and entrepreneurs in the private markets. Since its launch in May 2015, the platform is disrupting current funding models by democratizing the private capital markets; in other words, making private investment opportunities available to all Canadians.

1. Describe a day in the life of Sean Burke at FrontFundr

There are so many things to do, and so little time to do them (The theme of everyday)!

  • 5 min standing huddle with my bus. Dev team and then product tech team to set the tone.
  • Catch up on some emails and focus on raising capital, increase product and user experience on the platform, or work on our marketing and branding.
  • Coaching and answering questions to my team so they can push forward their deliverables.
  • Reading legislation and coming up with new structures for our companies on the platform.
  • Is it beer o’clock yet? Typically we will have a team beer around 5 or 6.
  • Where’s the networking event at tonight? 4 out 5 nights I am at a networking event building relationships or pushing the brand message for FrontFundr.
  • Let’s answer some more e-mails or put together strategic plans or proposals.

2. As a COO of FrontFundr, how does your organization stay ahead in the faced paced competitive Fintech landscape?

We have to have a strong technology and strategic partnerships. We have to work with the regulators and capture as much market share as we can now.

3. How did your time at PwC Canada prepare you for your role at FrontFundr?

My time at PwC Canada taught me how to think analytically and be creative with the problems that arise.  It taught me how to work with a team and lead a team.  It also taught me how to structure transactions and think about the benefits from all perspectives, how to negotiate and interpret legislation and apply it to finance.

4. Any advice for the next generation leaders?

  • Never settle and continue to push and challenge yourself.
  • Stay focused and channel your drive with a desire to make people and things around you better.  
  • It’s better to beg for forgiveness than to ask for permission if you have the best of intentions and have clearly thought things through.  

5. Where do you see yourself in your in five years? Personally and professionally.

I see FrontFundr being the largest private equity online funding platform in Canada.

We will be expanding our operations across Canada and in US markets, and in 5 years likely in Asia as well. Personally, I will be at my 5th year anniversary with my wife Jess and probably have a couple kids.

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