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Building the smart city of Prague



City of Prague


Our role:

After gathering data from important stakeholders and performing an analysis of existing data systems, PwC developed and proposed a plan for the procurement of a Smart City data platform.



Czech Republic


Setting the scene

Prague’s pilot smart city projects, which mostly focused on traffic, lighting and waste management, were developed and implemented in a fragmented manner. In order to maximize the benefit from these services, there was a need to analyze the acquired data across the smart projects and correlate them with already existing city data sources.

To bridge that gap and aggregate the data from a wide set of sensors around the city, PwC supported the City of Prague in designing and implementing a new data platform with the ability to integrate the diversified information, give open access to public city data and perform advanced analytics tasks.





"Prague recognized that accurate and aggregated data can be used to help understand the world and solve important problems. We leveraged PwC’s global expertise in data governance and management to design and implement a new data platform that allows the city to efficiently use existing data, support new challenges and pave the way for other Smart Cities in Czech Republic "

Ondrej Rybka, Risk Assurance Manager, PwC


How we helped

Integrating diverse data systems with a broad number of data sets is a complex task, involving improving data interoperability between the systems and developing an advanced smart city data platform. Since most cities are still on their smart city open data journeys, there are not many existing advanced open data platforms to learn from, especially in CEE. At PwC we understand the complexity of such projects and what they entail. 

The first step was the revision of the existing data governance policies. This enabled the preselection of suitable existing datasets to be integrated or migrated into the new platform.

To define the priorities for the new data platform, PwC gathered data and information directly from key stakeholders. A detailed analysis of their needs allowed us to design the technical specification and requirements for the software vendors. Several meetings with public representatives, private companies (energy, telco, IT, automotive, Tourism, etc.), municipalities and selected government organizations were also held to draw a full picture of Prague’s information and data needs. 

Based on the recommendations from these consultations and client's requirements, PwC performed a technical feasibility study and developed the final technical specifications for the procurement of the ultimate Smart City data platform. PwC provided technical assistance during the public tender and facilitated the dialogue with the technology vendors. 


Impact and potential

Having city big data aggregated in one place allows citizens and business to re-use valuable data sets, enhance existing solutions based on up-to-date city data and identify new opportunities to improve citizens' lives in Prague. As a result of the progress in data integration, the city applied a number of solutions, e.g. ongoing monitoring of waste in containers and optimizing their emptying.

The new data platform provides Prague the foundation to continue developing further innovative solutions to improve the quality of life and safety for its citizens. The city’s vision is to use virtual and augmented reality to enhance their communication methods. For example, a 3D printed model of a city can help analyse traffic and city events to support urban planning and ensure continuous city resilience. Based on data visualisation (Augmented and Virtual Reality), mobile applications can be built and new business models created so that datasets are accessible in an easy and intuitive way, almost at one click.


Ondřej Rybka

Ondřej Rybka

Assurance Manager, Czech Republic

Pavel Stefek

Pavel Stefek

Partner, Risk Assurance PwC Czech Republic

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