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Game-based assessment for students & graduates

At PwC, our people are the core of our culture. This commitment begins at recruitment, where our process is designed to help us get to know you as a person: your skills, experience and motivation. 

In order to enhance the graduate candidates experience, we have exchanged traditional online tests with a modern, user-friendly game-based assessment.

What to expect

Once your application is accepted by a recruiter, you will receive an email invitation to a quick set of games. These were designed based on traditional psychometric (IQ) tests, and measure several different skills and abilities in an interactive and stimulating way. Each game takes approximately three minutes to complete, so it should take you no more than 15 minutes.

What are the skills which we measure through this game-based assessment:

  • Cognitive Abilities: Mental agility, Reasoning or numerical ability
  • Working with information - your approach to new problems and how you adapt to new challenges. 

And now the best part: Right after the assessment, you will receive a feedback report via email. Please note: the report will not include your detailed score, but it will give you some insights into your working style. 

After completing the assessment you might be invited to additional stages depending on local recruitment process. Potential next steps may include an English test, virtual video interview, group assessment center and/or meeting with the Hiring Manager, either face to face or virtual. All information will be provided to you in email correspondence or you will be contacted directly by a recruiter.

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How to Prepare for a Game-Based Assessment

Frequently Asked Questions

The best preparation for a game-based assessment is ensuring you are well-rested and sharp. Aside from the tips above, there are no “cheat codes” or “hacks” for a game-based assessment - so do not worry and have fun.

Most games require a high degree of focus; you’ll be most successful if you take your assessment when you are most alert.

Our games are designed to be easy and intuitive for non-gamers. You will see that the tasks are mentally challenging, but the game format is easy to follow and interact with. Presenting our assessment challenges in a game-based format allows us to make them as engaging as possible, and to motivate you to perform at your best.

Take a second to relax after each game, so you can begin the next game fully refreshed and focused.

Our game based assessment is measuring several different skills and abilities, such as reasoning or numerical ability. It is not possible to train these competencies, it just needs to be developed over time. That's why you can repeat our assessment again after six months or later.