PwC supports employees’ flexibility

PwC is going through an intensive digital transformation to embrace change, adopt new ways of working and get fit for the future. Going Google, Workday and most recently Salesforce presented us with an opportunity to work together in a much more agile and flexible way.

To leverage the technology, PwC organised a Lisbon Calling contest for employees with a unique, two-week remote-work programme as an award. The primary goal of this employer branding project was to promote the “Be a game changer” campaign (read more about it >> here <<) and flexible work opportunities at PwC.

- Being flexible is not a personal advantage any more but a crucial, game-changing skill required to be productive in a changing and digital work environment. At PwC we pay attention to people development and support all initiatives enhancing employees’ flexibility. Lisbon Calling is one of those projects.

Tomasz Miłosz, CEE Human Capital Leader at PwC

To get the opportunity to work remotely from Portugal, employees from a few pilot countries (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia & Ukraine) were invited to use creativity and prove their game changing skills via photos or videos. Most inventive ones won the support for their entry from PwC colleagues and took off to Lisbon.

10 winners were invited to Lisbon to enhance their game-changing skills in the fully remote, international environment. Their everyday on-the-job & working-together development was supported by “remote work self-management” workshops and brainstorming regarding the firm flexible-work options moderated by the PwC CEE HC Leader. After work, they were developing relationship skills while surfing, enjoying local food & beautiful city of Lisbon.

  • I really enjoyed these 2 weeks I spent on the program staying with people from different PwC offices. The atmosphere was super friendly & supportive, with a lot of fun and memorable moments [Ana Rosca, Assurance, Romania]

  • Remote work can be efficient, that's what I proved to myself and to my team while working two weeks from Lisbon. We were always in touch either by video calls, phone or emails and the current projects were running as usual. [Gulnaz Anisimova, TLS, Russia]

PwC is a great place where people have numerous opportunities for both professional and personal development. We have launched the Lisbon Calling project to bust the myth of PwC as a conservative firm and draw both internal & external attention to flexible work opportunities that support our work-life balance & make a difference in our work experience.

Alina Fudashkina, Project Coordinator

The project also made a significant employer branding impact. We have managed to reach over million potential employees in social media with over 100.000 people who engaged with our game-changing content. If you have not seen it yet, watch the project wrap-up below!


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