hello again*

You once worked at PwC. And when you did, were part of a unique culture and experience, one shaped by shared values. As a member of an extraordinarily diverse, talented, and accomplished group of people, you may have experienced some memorable events in your personal life while employed by us. Just as importantly, you may have cultivated meaningful relationships and friendships which are an important part of your life today. Although you chose to pursue another opportunity, we thank you for your contributions to our growth and success.

As we reach out to you, it is our hope to remain in contact over the long termthrough networking events, technical training sessions, social activities, firm publications, and many other activities. Should you desire to maintain contact with us, you will continue your relationship with PwC and many of your colleagues, our alumni. Please forward your current contact information to PwC Alumni so that we can stay in touch.

So, "Hello Again!" We're looking forward to hearing from you. We eagerly anticipate a lasting relationship with you as you grow and prosper!