PwC Saratoga Human Capital Effectiveness Survey (HCES)

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PwC Saratoga™ is a global platform allowing clients to gain access to human capital benchmarks. An online portal provides user-friendly, interactive dashboards that help identify key workforce risks and opportunities.

The Saratoga Human Capital Effectiveness Survey (HCES) metrics are calculated based on client data and presented in the following categories:

Getting People Analytics Right


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Productivity and Reward

Metrics that relate to the financial and productivity aspects of your workforce including costs, revenues, profit and rewards (Workforce Productivity & Profitability, Labour Costs).

Workforce Structure

A set of structural metrics that describe your workforce in terms of variables including age, tenure, organisational level and gender (Workforce Composition, Leadership, Organisation Structure).

Functional Performance

Metrics that relate to the most common support functions in an organisation – Human Capital, Information Technology, Finance and the General and Administrative (G & A) functions that include other non-revenue generating functions of the organisation (Organisation Structure).

Talent Management

Metrics that relate to workforce development, succession and progression (Leadership, Talent Acquisition Process).

Workforce Flow

Metrics that relate to the movement of your workforce into, out of and within your organisation, including recruiting, terminations and internal movement (Retirement Eligibility, Quality of Hire, Turnover).

Frequently asked questions

Saratoga is a unique HR metrics system for human capital measurement and benchmarking.  It helps organisations identify employees’ performance/impact on the company, and benchmark the company against the market. 

What do I get by participating in the Saratoga Survey?

By participating in the Saratoga Human Capital Effectiveness Survey, you will gain access to an array of benchmarks on workforce performance from organisations in the Caribbean, with the option to see how you compare on a global scale.

These results will be presented in a personalised online interactive tool. Embedded in the metrics list is a set of PwC Saratoga Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).  The KPI metrics are the most commonly used by our members and can be used as a core set of workforce and functional measures for your organisation. You will be able to measure the effectiveness of the HC function, and to identify inefficiencies and risk areas. You will be able to compare your own business performance with the performance of your peer group.

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How do I register to participate in the Survey?

To participate please contact:

Felicia Steffen
Saratoga Survey Contact
+1 441 535 6070

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How long does it take to do the Survey?

The time you need to complete the survey depends on the availability of internal data. When data is easily available, the entry may be completed in less than a day. Included in your membership is training support and rigorous definitions to ensure we are using an apples-to-apples data comparison. For companies needing extra assistance, PwC specialists can work with you to help you understand your data and extract the proper information to share for the survey. There is also a helpdesk available as well, where they can answer questions.

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What if I do not have the necessary information to complete the Saratoga Survey Questionnaire?

Saratoga survey questionnaire is used to gather available and easily accessible information. It is our recommendation that a company should put in all required information for the report to be as relevant and detailed as possible. However, if certain information is unavailable to you, you should not be restricted from participating in the survey, and can omit those pieces of data. The tool will be unable to create a metric for the areas lacking proper data.

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Which industries are covered by Saratoga Survey?

Saratoga Survey is focused on all industry sectors and aims to cover as many industries as possible.  The number of industries will depend on the number of companies taking part in the survey. We have already received interest from the following industries: banking, healthcare, government, legal, (re)insurance, utilities, retail, and hospitality & leisure. As long as we have 5 participants submitting the required data within an industry, we are able to create a unique benchmark for that industry. The reporting tool also allows you to drill-down by # employees, % of unionised workforce, etc. along with a drilldown by country. 


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How do I know that my data will remain confidential?

The benefit of our online tool is that your company’s login details only provide you access to your data and reports. All data submissions are protected confidentially within the tool. We do not produce a benchmark unless we have five or more participants, which supports the protection of your information.

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What is the timeline?

For the 2017 survey launch, you will be able to submit data until November 24th, 2017. After a period of data validation and confirmation, we will open access to report results in January 2018, supported by training webinars and a summary results webinar.

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What metrics are included?

The following is a list of metrics that will be leveraged at a minimum during this survey year.

  • 90-Day Turnover Rate
  • External Recruitment Rate
  • External Time to Accept
  • Female Headcount Percent
  • High Performer Turnover Rate
  • HC Costs per Employee
  • HC Headcount Ratio
  • Contingent Labour Cost as a percent of Total Labour Costs
  • Labour Cost Revenue Percent
  • Manager Span of Control
  • Offer Acceptance Rate
  • Pipeline Utilisation
  • Promotion Rate
  • Revenue per FTE
  • Resignation Rate
  • Human Capital ROI
  • Percent of Employees within Five Years of Retirement
  • Learning & Development Investment per Employee (Local and Expatriate)
  • Average Benefits per Employee
  • Employee Ratio-Executive, Management, & Staff (Local and Expatriate)
  • Expatriate Voluntary Separation Rate

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Contact us

Trish Nixon

People & Organisation leader, PwC Bermuda

Tel: +1 441 505 2798

Felicia Steffen

Saratoga Survey Manager, PwC Bermuda

Tel: +1 441 535 6070