Doing business across borders in Asia Pacific 2019-2020

Asia Pacific Business Leaders Survey

Produced by PwC for the last ten years, the survey reveals insights and views on growth, trade, technology and talent from 1,014 business leaders across Asia Pacific.


Key findings from the Asia Pacific Business Leaders Survey

Barriers rising across many areas

44% of Asia Pacific business leaders say a reduction in tariffs would have the most positive influence on business across borders in Asia Pacific.

Shake up for increasing cross-border investment

Within Asia Pacific, Vietnam, Australia and Singapore are countries most respondents believe will have a net increase in cross-border investment over the next 12 months.

Automation and AI are advancing

Investment in automation and artificial intelligence (AI) is rising in the region, with over a third (37%) of Asia Pacific business leaders surveyed considering advanced automation and AI as a strategic C-suite priority.

Employees' roles are changing with automation

Automation is, we assess, continuing to create more jobs rather than eliminating them. Over a third of Asia Pacific business leaders surveyed say automation is creating new jobs, with automation leading a quarter of companies to redefine employee roles.

Prioritising automation and upskilling

In the next two years, 85% of survey respondents will increase budgets to expand automation into new areas of their businesses; while 86% will accelerate digital skills development.

Increase in regulation to enhance public trust

Over 70% of surveyed business leaders agree that additional regulation is needed to enhance public trust in cyber security, AI and data privacy.

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