Audit and Assurance

Assurance Services provides assurance on the financial performance and operations of our clients' business, through external and internal audits, financial and accounting reviews and investigations, regulatory consulting and training courses.

PwC's knowledge and experience enables our specialists to advise not only on assurance matters, but also to put them in context and to advise on the likely impact that the pace and direction of economic and financial change will have on a commercial activity in Armenia.

Available Assurance services include:


Statutory and regulatory audit and treasury services. Our audit is aligned with business functions, not just financial processes. Businesses need auditors and advisors who understand their strategy and can reflect this in their audit approach. Using our approach and working alongside our clients, our lead partner provides strong control from the centre. We put great emphasis on understanding our clients' strategy and the need to address all risks. This approach represents, we believe, an important step forward in client service, audit quality and efficiency.

Accounting and regulatory advice

Corporate structures, technical accounting advice (supported by Global Corporate Reporting (GCR)), review of treasury operations, compliance with current and new regulations.

Attest and attest-related services

Independent assessment of financial and non-financial data.

Public services audit and advisory

Audit, internal audit and associated services for government, education and other non-profit organisations.

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