Tax Alerts 2016

In order to be able to adapt to the new challenges brought about by the new tax laws, we issue a periodic Tax Newsflash, informing readers and clients about the proposed major changes. The issues of the Tax Newsflash are available as an Adobe Acrobat (pdf) file.

2016 Tax Alerts

Tax Alert - September 2016

The Constitutional Court of the Republic of Albania has repealed article 4 of Law No. 143/2015 “On so me amendments and additions to Law No. 9136, dated 11 September 2013“ On the collection of mandatory social and health contributions in the Republic of Albania”. It specifically repealed the provision which allowed for the level of the minimum wage for social and health contribution purposes to be determined by the type of professional activity, the specific location where the activity takes place, the number of years in the profession, the number of employees, the wage level for a similar job in the public sector, the number of years both according to the professional license and the status of the profession.

Tax Alert - May 2016

In accordance with Law No. 9632 dated 30 October 2006 “On the Local Taxation System”, the Tirana municipal council approved via decision no. 59 of the municipal council on 30 December 2015 the amended “System of Local Taxes and Tariffs in the city of Tirana”. Some of the changes reflected in the decision have been directly adopted from Law No. 194/2015, which amended Law No. 9632 “On the Local Taxation System” and came into effect as of 1 January 2016.

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