Business Recovery

The Business Recovery unit has generally focused on the provision of comprehensive financial, economic and strategic advice to governments, International Organisations and medium to large-scale corporations in the private and public sectors. The bulk of our work typically ranges from business recovery and other formal insolvency services, corporate finance and turnaround work, business reviews and forensic investigations. Our client base includes government and quasi-government institutions, major commercial and investment banks, international development agencies and other key investor groups or institutions.

Business Reviews
Involve an assessment and evaluation of the financial and operational performance of an under performing business or company. Options aimed at addressing the problem identified are evaluated leading to prioritised recommendations for the way forward.

Business Turnaround
We can manage financially distressed firms out of their problems by selecting and implementing appropriate solutions that address the causes of distress. Implementation is key to any successful turnaround hence the need for a hands on approach. Examples of our experience include:

Optimised Exits
We assist businesses with the divestment of some or all of the under performing assets of in order to extract or preserve the optimum value for shareholders.

Forensic Investigations
Fraud or breach of duty occurs in a number of business transactions. These may result in major economic losses for the company or institution. Our services in this area include the provision of specialised investigation services, asset recovery and prevention consulting.

Insolvency (Liquidations & Receiverships)
PricewaterhouseCoopers offers receivership and liquidation services as exit options in insolvent business ventures.