Chinese and Taiwanese Business Services

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Our Chinese and Taiwanese Business Services team in Vietnam, who are Chinese speaking professionals, can assist you in all aspects of local and international business transactions. Our team can support Chinese speaking clients in negotiation with Vietnamese and foreign business partners, and in dealing with government departments.

We offer AssuranceTaxLegalConsulting and Deals services. - All under one roof.

我們在越南PwC 的亞洲華人服務團隊,係由中文流利的專業人士組成,在各個專業服務領域皆可在您的國家當地或是提供跨國境的服務。我們能夠協助以華語溝通的客戶與越南人士以及外國人士溝通,並且進一步協助與政府溝通。此外,我們也能夠以單一窗口的方式提供客戶審計、稅務、法律以及企管顧問諮詢的整體解決方案服務。