Asia-Pacific M&A Bulletin

Mid-year 2009

Recovering to a new reality

What a difference half a year makes.  We started the year on a sombre note, staring into an economic abyss.  Plunging stock markets, frozen credit and runs on banks threatened to bring about a global financial meltdown that would send the world into the Great Recession.  Six months later, with the economies still on fiscal life support, major Asian bourses have recovered over a third of their losses from the 2007 peaks and there are growing concerns that we may be witnessing the start of another asset bubble - except that this time, it is built on the smouldering rubble of a still-tattered real economy.

PricewaterhouseCoopers M&A Professionals

The Asia-Pacific region is characterised by a diversity of cultures, business practices and regulatory environments.  Executing successful transactions in this market requires a combination of in-depth local knowledge and an integrated regional network.  PricewaterhouseCoopers has experienced professionals in all major territories in the region within our Transaction Services, Tax Services (China M&A Tax and Hong Kong M&A Tax) and Corporate Finance practices to provide a wide range of integrated, uniform and high quality services to any potential investor in the Asia-Pacific region.

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