Featured Thought Leadership

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Find out how consumer and advertising spending is shaping the entertainment and media industry
Cities of Opportunity 2014
We examine the current social and economic performance of the world’s leading cities, and highlight what makes them function best.
Resilience insights
Explore PwC’s thought leadership on business resilience, a strategic mind-set that embraces preparedness, integrity and opportunity, through times of change and crisis.
Bridging the gap: handing over the family business to the next generation
PwC’s survey of family business succession strategies examines how family firms plan to hand over their operations to the next generation
Global Economic Crime Survey 2014
PwC’s 2014 global economic crime survey shows how fraud threatens your business processes, erodes the integrity of your employees, and can tarnish your reputation.
17th Annual Global CEO Survey
Fit for the future: Find out what’s on the mind of over 1,300 CEOs in the 17th Annual Global CEO Survey.
Communications Review: Managing customers through technology and business transitions
The evolving landscape of connected devices in our lives coupled with competition, regulation, and evolution of technology and standards virtually guarantees customer migrations will occur periodically.
Forging the new regional powerhouses: Strategies for success in Southeast Asia
This PwC paper explains why Southeast Asian markets offer Japanese banks huge potential for expansion. But that making the most of these opportunities is going to require a new strategy, mind-set and ways of running the business.
Adapt to survive: How better alignment between talent and opportunity can drive economic growth
How does hiring the wrong talent impact the global economy, and how can an adaptable workforce increase productivity, reduce costs and boost employment levels? Explore interesting findings from PwC/LinkedIn talent data.