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18th Annual Global CEO Survey
How are CEOs responding to disruption in a marketplace without boundaries? Explore the full findings from this year's CEO Survey including our data explorer tool to compare CEOs perspectives from different geographies and industry sectors.
New vision for Asia Pacific: Connectivity creating new platforms for growth
What will drive growth over the next decade in Asia Pacific? Business investments and outlooks show the opportunities are changing.
The World in 2050
Our economists have analysed how the world could look in 2050. This report concludes that the shift of global economic power to emerging economies is set to continue. Vietnam is set to be a notable riser in Asia, besides Philippines and Malaysia.
Infrastructure development in Asia Pacific (APEC): The next 10 years
We explore the key trends that will influence priorities and investments in infrastructure development in Asia Pacific and what this means for business.
Becoming a digital telecom: Be bold, move fast
The telecommunications industry has been critical to the process of digitization across other sectors, yet the industry’s own efforts to transform the way it markets, sells, and supports its services have lagged. To improve, telecom operators must offer a more integrated omnichannel experience and develop new products and services to better meet the needs of their customers.
PwC's Growth Markets Centre - Presence to profitability
Most multinationals, across sectors, have long recognised the importance of the Growth markets to increasing their companies’ profits. But few have been able to develop distribution networks that provide them with the same levels of confidence and profitability they enjoy in their home markets. PwC’s Growth Markets Centre explores the need for identifying and effectively managing the right channel partner to overcome these challenges.
Bridging the gap: handing over the family business to the next generation
PwC’s survey of family business succession strategies examines how family firms plan to hand over their operations to the next generation.
Forging the new regional powerhouses: Strategies for success in Southeast Asia
This PwC paper explains why Southeast Asian markets offer Japanese banks huge potential for expansion. But that making the most of these opportunities is going to require a new strategy, mind-set and ways of running the business.
Adapt to survive: How better alignment between talent and opportunity can drive economic growth
How does hiring the wrong talent impact the global economy, and how can an adaptable workforce increase productivity, reduce costs and boost employment levels? Explore interesting findings from PwC/LinkedIn talent data.