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18th Annual Global CEO Survey
How are CEOs responding to disruption in a marketplace without boundaries? Explore the full findings from this year's CEO Survey including our data explorer tool to compare CEOs perspectives from different geographies and industry sectors.
Global entertainment and media outlook 2015-2019
Now in its 16th year, PwC’s annual Global entertainment and media outlook (Outlook) provides a single comparable source of five-year forecast and five-year historic consumer and advertiser spending data and commentary, for 13 entertainment and media segments, across 54 countries.
The World in 2050
Our economists have analysed how the world could look in 2050. This report concludes that the shift of global economic power to emerging economies is set to continue. Vietnam is set to be a notable riser in Asia, besides Philippines and Malaysia.
Asia-Pacific Health Industries Newsletter
PwC’s Global Healthcare Industries network
is pleased to present you with its 13th issue of the Asia-Pacific Health Industries Newsletter. The newsletter aims to keep you informed of the latest developments across
pharmaceutical industries and healthcare sectors in the region. In this issue, we
highlight a number of recent developments
that are of direct interest to pharmaceutical
and medical device companies, as well as healthcare organisations.
Organising for Digital success
The media landscape of today is one that is multi-dimensional, multi-platform and multi-channel, one which offers consumers
endless possibilities to discover and consume content. This trend, fuelled by the advent of affordable smart and mobile devices, is especially prevalent in Southeast Asia.
Anything but business as usual: A private company view of the Global CEO Survey
A riskier but more rewarding business environment has private company leaders expressing optimism about their prospects for the year ahead, according to the private company CEOs we surveyed as part of the 18th Annual Global CEO Survey. But in order to thrive in this competitive environment, private companies must disrupt ‘business as usual’ by finding new ways to create value and grow.
Insurance 2020 & beyond: Necessity is the mother of reinvention
The pace of change in the global insurance industry is occurring more rapidly than could have been envisaged, concludes a report just published by PwC. The report concludes that the industry is at a pivotal juncture as it grapples with changing customer behaviour, new technologies and new distribution and business models.
Delivering the next-gen customer experience: How to select the right CRM
Customer relationship management (CRM) solutions are no longer the IT-centric systems of years ago. They now provide sophisticated analytics and other features that can help financial institutions meet new trends head-on, from rising user expectations to relentless regulatory demands. Organizations need a new approach to selecting a CRM solution—one that prioritizes their specific business needs.
2015 Retail Banking Trends
In 2015, we foresee the acceleration of a trend that’s been under way since the end of the financial crisis: the increased commoditization of retail banking products. This new reality is putting pressure on banks to distinguish themselves in an intensely competitive, low-growth, low-margin environment.