The Talent Gap: A review of the key human capital issues facing Vietnam's banks

The People and Change team of PwC Vietnam on 27 March 2013 organised a round-table seminar to present the outcome of a pioneering research study: "The Talent Gap: A Review of Human Capital in Vietnam's Banks" at Daewoo Hotel, Hanoi. Representatives of nine major banks, both international and domestic, attended the seminar to listen to a presentation of the key findings and to debate the central issues.

The Talent Gap: A Review of Human Capital in Vietnam's Banks is a piece of original research by PwC Vietnam's People and Change team who collected quantitative data and undertook qualitative research with twelve major banks over a period of four months to assess how talent and other human capital issues are impacting the banking sector.

Pamela McGill, lead author of the study and leader of PwC Vietnam’s People and Change Advisory practice said, “Talent is one of those ‘hot topics’ we hear a lot about within the Vietnam banking circuit. But so far there has been little hard research into this critical topic. We wanted therefore to shine a light and to develop some hard facts and figures about the landscape in the banks and the true issues at hand.”

You can find the full report here.

For more information, please contact the following people: for Media/Press Enquiries: Vu Thi Thu Nguyet; for People and Change Services: Pamela McGill