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Sustainability has emerged as one of the most important agenda items for businesses and their Board of Directors. It covers a wide range of issues including corporate governance and business ethics, climate change and emission reductions, environmental health and safety management, corporate social responsibility, strategy and economics, responsible supply-chain management, and reporting of non-financial information.

PwC’s Sustainable Business Solutions practice provides practical strategies and solutions to help businesses address strategic, compliance, operational, reputational and financial sustainability-related issues. Our global network of firms has more than 700 assurance, advisory, and tax professionals who are dedicated to providing sustainability and climate change business advice. Leveraging our deep industry knowledge, we help clients achieve sustainability goals, capitalise on efficiencies, mitigate risks, and find solutions that can lead to long-term profitability.

PwC's sustainability services

Our detailed sustainability services

Strategic sustainability: We will generate, assess or align your sustainability strategy to make the most of your sustainable initiatives.

Reporting and assurance: We will assist you with non-financial information frameworks, reporting and assurance that will further your efforts to influence stakeholders trust.

Climate change and carbon management: We will help you anticipate changes in markets and policy, as well as manage climate change risks and respond to opportunities.

Governance, risk and compliance: We will work with you to set up or realign your structure, policies, or procedures to reduce reputational risk and ensure compliance.

Tax and regulatory environment: We will assess your exposure to environmental tax and regulation while advising you on relevant incentives or subsidies to optimise your tax position.

Supply chain and operations: We will help you understand and address sustainability impacts in the supply chain to improve your performance.

For overseas companies

Common issues

  • You want to assess the risks associated with your supply chain in Vietnam and the steps necessary to protect your brand
  • You wish to define the characteristics you require from your suppliers in order to make sure they are sustainable
  • You are seeking to monitor and manage the environmental, social and governance risks associated with your supply chain
  • You are aiming to redesign your global supply chain in order to be cost-efficient, minimising impact on the environment and delivering products and services on time
  • You want to ensure that your code of conduct, policies and procedures are sustainable and have been complied with by your businesses in Vietnam
  • You are trying to manage risk and regulatory compliance in relation to Vietnamese laws and regulations so that you can understand their impact on your company’s strategy and operations

How we can help

Conducting Environmental health and safety due diligence. These risks and liabilities need to be managed with appropriate indemnities and warranties in the structure of the deal (Environmental Due Diligence). Whether a company is completing an acquisition, turning around a business, restructuring or divesting itself of assets, we can identify key environmental and social matters that are critical to creating a sustainable business and protecting shareholder value. We have developed an innovative and efficient approach to Environmental Due Diligence that is particularly suited to assessing the material EHS risks associated with complex transactions.

Supporting Supply chain risk management services. We developed an integrated set of diagnostic tools and related services that help you improve the performance of your business. We can assist you in all aspects of ethical supply chain management to identify, prioritise and address supply chain risks including social, environmental health and safety risks.

Provide independent assurance of the data in your sustainability report for the Vietnam’s activities as well as assurance for regulatory performance purposes.

For Vietnamese companies

Common issues

  • You are seeking to align and integrate your sustainability vision to your overall corporate strategy
  • You want to develop and deliver a robust sustainability programme that includes prioritised initiatives, enablers, milestones, key performance indicators and measurable targets
  • You are trying to prioritise issues from both a sustainability and a commercial point of view. This will help you recognise and better manage risk, improve efficiency, revenue potential, growth and other opportunities
  • You want to identify your issues and goals to determine where the pressures are likely to be and raise awareness of what needs to happen to make your business more sustainable
  • You are trying to map the short and long-term ambitions of your sustainability vision, assess the risks, and address any gaps in delivery
  • You are trying to win employee buy-in to your sustainability strategy by helping everyone to understand and support your strategy

How we can help

Providing Sustainability strategy design and deployment services. We can support you to develop a thorough and effective Corporate Social Responsibility ("CSR") strategy which will prioritise and address both the strategic and reputational risks that arise as a consequence of your business practices and operations. We will use a 5-phase methodology for CSR strategy design and stakeholder engagement: CSR planning, benchmarking, gap analysis and workshops, CSR strategy design, roadmap and planning definition and implementation and monitoring.

Supporting in CSR reporting practices. We advise on the planning and development of a CSR reporting framework tailored to suit your needs in line with international best practice and advise on the selection and development of key performance indicators to ensure that our clients effectively address stakeholder expectations in terms of transparency and accountability. This service comprises 3 main areas, directly linked to sustainability assurance:

  • Reporting and communication planning and strategy
  • Review and improvement of governance, systems and reporting processes
  • Reporting analysis and feedback

Your benefits

  • A more positive image of the business among investors and the public
  • More control over compliance with regulatory requirements
  • More sustainable practices within the organisation
  • Reduced risks and costs from environmental and social issues and becoming “climate smart”