Governance, Risk and Compliance

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Our Governance, Risk and Compliance team can help companies to enhance their internal controls and corporate assurance frameworks, addressing the hazards as well as opportunities of risk.

We assist businesses in designing and implementing governance and compliance programmes to ensure that the company continues to operate within the boundaries of relevant legislation and regulations. This includes building a culture of “doing the right thing.” 

Common issues

  • You need to comply with Circular: 121/2012/TT-BTC issued on July 2012 for listed companies.
  • You need advice on board and management performance and accountability.
  • You need advice on board structure and composition to bolster board effectiveness.
  • You need to improve stakeholder and regulatory relationships and communication.
  • You want to manage processes and mitigate inherent business risk.
  • You want to create a culture where ‘bad news’ is escalated and your people act to protect the "brand."
  • You want to free up valuable resource by simplifying and de-layering risk and compliance processes.
  • You want to reduce the incidence of compliance failure.
  • You lack clear and measurable key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • You need procedures to identify and address complaints and breaches of legislation and internal processes.
  • You need to achieve greater value for compliance spend.

How we can help

Governance Advisory and Board Improvement

  • Board effectiveness evaluation: Facilitation of Board self-evaluation exercises, validation of results through obtaining Directors’ opinions on the effectiveness of the Board.
  • Measuring the contribution of individual Directors to the Board; independent review of Board governance structures and processes and training for the Board and Directors.
    Develop Board improvement programmes in areas such as Board structure, Board operations and interactions, and Board roles and responsibilities.
  • Design and implement of governance frameworks and practices.
  • Design, review and enhance governance documents to clarify roles and responsibilities. This may include charters, terms of reference, policies and procedures, and limits of authority and aligning these to the Board guidelines and management mandates.

Management oversight and controls optimisation

  • Assessment of current state of Board’s oversight of internal controls – provide insights to the Board on existing state of entity and process level control activities as well as highlight areas where improvements can be made to strengthen the systems of internal control.

Risk and compliance solutions

  • Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) implementation: Current state assessments of existing risk management initiatives, development of risk management framework, ERM awareness training, risk profiling and post-implementation reviews.
  • Quality reviews of ERM functions.
  • Design and implementation of compliance frameworks, provision of compliance awareness training, design and implementation of control self-assessment processes, and post-implementation reviews.
  • Diagnostic reviews and assistance in readiness projects for compliance with rules and regulations, including the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA).

Your benefits

  • Increased clarity of the roles and boundaries between the Board and Management.
  • Increased board effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Processes to meet regulatory requirements established.
  • Reliable and accessible data for internal and external reporting.
  • Reduced overall risk and increased compliance.