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Build and Beyond: The (r)evolution of healthcare PPPs

The US health system is a public-private model in which government and private organizations both contribute to delivering the care that patients need and demand. As government’s share of health spending increases, the need for effective partnerships with private payers and providers becomes more acute. In one context, these relationships could be viewed as public-private partnerships (PPPs). PPPs in the U.S. are most often associated with infrastructure projects in transportation and energy, but this model is evolving to healthcare delivery as federal and state governments looks to private partners to bring capital and expertise.

Throughout the globe, PPPs are being crafted to make government and private industry more accountable for healthcare delivery and financing. This report tracks the evolution of the PPP models and explores how the capital and operational structure provided by PPPs can be leveraged more broadly to address government demands for greater efficiency in health spending.

Build and Beyond: The (r)evolution of healthcare PPPs
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