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The worst nightmare of any senior executive - an inquiry from the regulators, share price collapsing, business and personal reputations on the line.

Has your organization defined the steps necessary to take in the event of a regulatory inquiry? Have you discussed how to mitigate the impact of regulatory enforcement on your organization?… On your reputation? How do you prepare for the unexpected?

Recent developments have demonstrated that regulators are vigorously pursuing convictions and eye-watering fines for a variety of offenses in the US and abroad. Additionally, regulators are cooperating across borders in unprecedented levels.

In order to help our clients assess how prepared they are to respond to such a crisis, PwC has developed Investigate!

Investigate! is a realistic simulation of a regulatory investigation that provides practical insight and learning.

The Investigate! workshop includes a short film drama which illustrates the reach of regulatory powers, considers the way in which these powers can be executed, highlights the necessary next steps, and explores how to mitigate the impact of regulatory enforcement on your business and reputation.

This workshop is highly interactive, giving participants the opportunity to gain a detailed insight into the way an investigation is run and to consider the readiness of their own organization in reacting to similar crises.