Top Insurance Industry Issues in 2015

January 2015

At a glance

Download: Top Insurance Industry Issues in 2015

The insurance industry is facing once-in-a-generation disruption. Top Insurance Industry Issues in 2015 discusses the challenges and opportunities confronting insurers, and provides insight on how to adapt to change.

The insurance marketplace is transforming, creating opportunities for many and challenges for all. Top Insurance Industry Issues in 2015 describes in detail the changes in the industry and how insurers can make the most of them, including:

  • The central role of advanced analytics in modernizing business models and operations; how new metrics can increase efficiency, lower costs, and lead to better analytics; and recent developments in insurance contracts accounting and reserving that are helping to drive the modernization agenda.
  • Recent, pending, and potential regulatory developments that insurers will be addressing in the coming year and beyond.
  • Market and business developments that have affected or will affect insurers' business strategy, including autonomous vehicles and their potential impacts on auto insurance; group insurance and the rise of exchanges; and the deals environment.
  • Operational change, including the state of P&C core systems transformation and managing talent strategy in a time of profound change.
  • Recent, pending, and potential developments in insurance taxation.