Needles in a haystack: Seeking knowledge with clinical informatics

More than half of those surveyed for this report indicated they have formal clinical informatics programs. Health care organizations need strategies for mining data, conducting and integrating evidence based research, and driving the behavior changes required for patient compliance. To complement this report the Health Research Institute has also published key findings for payers, providers and the pharmaceuticals and life sciences industries.

Health Research Institute released a follow up brief entitled Advancing healthcare informatics: The power of partnerships, which provides a more targeted look at the relationship between payer and providers.

PwC’s Lunch & Learn panelists address critical elements to consider for enhancing your informatics capabilities

Marc Probst, CIO of Intermountain
Jeff Gruen, Principal with PwC
Lynn Vogel, CIO of MD Anderson
Cancer Center
Dan Garrett, Principal and US Healthcare
IT Practice Leader with PwC