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Healthcare unwired: New business models delivering care anywhere

Mobile devices are the most personal technology that consumers own, and they have the potential to enable health and wellness to be delivered through mass personalization. However, real value will need to be demonstrated to consumers and physicians in order for adoption to occur.

Potential impacts of mobile health, according to physicians

Source: PwC Health Research Institute physician survey, 2010

What this means for your business:

Mobile technology is untethering healthcare and enabling the practice of care anywhere. As it does, it’s creating business models that unlock access to new players and technologies that support preventative, acute and chronic care. Physicians and consumers see mutual value in mobile health. And those intersections lead to opportunity.

Whether you’re thinking about mobile health, planning for mobile health or leading mobile health, defining and understanding the customer will enable you to determine the most appropriate business model. Each model may target one or more of the following goals: providing a better transaction, giving more knowledge, easing communication and/or integrating solutions and information.

Published 09/2010

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