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Primary care in the New Health Economy: Time for a makeover

The primary care market is poised for a makeover. Faced with new payment models and an aging population with chronic conditions, the health sector looks to a reimagined primary care ecosystem to help deliver on the promise of value.

In summer 2015, HRI interviewed 25 executives from industry trade associations and academia and surveyed 1500 clinicians and 1,000 consumers on the future of primary care.

Explore today’s segmented primary care market

A growing ecosystem of companies that have primary care capabilities is disrupting the market with business models that bank success on convenience, good service and evidence-based protocols. Click on any of the icons below to learn more.

Convenient care House calls At-your-service care Nurse-led care Digital health

Meet tomorrow’s primary care consumers

In the New Health Economy, consumers, spending more of their own money, are choosing how and where to receive primary care. To be competitive, companies must deliver a la carte care to seven major consumer markets. Click on any of the icons to learn more.

Published 11/17/2015

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