Accounting for income taxes in cross-border transactions

August 2015


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Accounting for income taxes in cross-border transactions

Companies are seeking opportunities for growth and diversification. They are increasingly using cross border M&A activity as a mechanism for becoming established in foreign markets and to stimulate growth. Such activity is expected to increase in 2015, a result of lower foreign tax rates, a strengthening US dollar, US stock market indices reporting record levels and an accumulation of cash by foreign subsidiaries. These trends have afforded companies the opportunity to engage in M&A activity by using the strong US dollar to purchase foreign companies.

The acquisition of a foreign business can introduce complex financial reporting challenges when accounting for income taxes. Pre-acquisition, a company must gain a sufficient understanding of the foreign target’s operations and tax structure in order to know where the acquired assets reside, the relevant taxing jurisdictions, and the applicable tax rates. Post-acquisition issues may arise from internal reorganizations and the need to perform GAAP conversions.

Highlights in this issue:

  • Cross-border acquisitions provide significant opportunities for growth and diversification, made even more attractive by the strengthening US dollar.
  • Cross-border M&A may introduce significant complexities regarding the accounting for income taxes both pre- and post-acquisition.
  • Early and ongoing cross-functional coordination between accounting and tax stakeholders is critical to navigating the financial reporting complexities of a cross-border deal.

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