Tax Policy Services

The WNTS Tax Policy Services practice offers policy and strategic planning services in a broad array of tax, trade, and health care legislative issues.

We assist our clients—including corporations, associations, exempt organizations and business coalitions—in developing and implementing strategies to address proposed changes to legislation, regulations, and rulings. We may facilitate dialogues with the White House, Congress, Treasury Department, Customs Service, Internal Revenue Service, and the Office of Management and Budget, among other Administration agencies and entities.

Including Bill Archer, former chairman of the Committee on Ways and Means, Pam Olson, former assistant secretary for tax policy at the US Department of the Treasury, Lindy Paull and Bob Shapiro, former chiefs of staff of the Joint Committee on Taxation, Rohit Kumar, former Deputy Chief of Staff to Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell, Brian Meighan, formerly of the Joint Committee on Taxation, Ed McClellan, former Republican tax counsel of the Senate Finance Committee, and Don Longano, former Democratic chief counsel of the Committee on Ways and Means, the tax policy services group draws on the deep technical knowledge within WNTS to offer a fully integrated team approach to complex tax policy issues.

Download a listing of WNTS tax policy professionals.

WNTS tax policy leadership.

A key part of our team is our National Economic and Statistics group, which provides a broad range of economic research, survey, statistical, and data analysis services including revenue and budget estimating.