spring 09 

PwC perspectives on current business issues and trends


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Back to basics
The era of easy credit is over. Savvy companies are looking at a new way of doing business that just might usher in an era of excellence nobody could have predicted.

Shyam Venkat and Peter Frank

Article: Tough times, tough decisions Tough times, tough decisions
The current recession may seem like the worst of times, but out-of-control budget deficits could severely weaken our economy for generations to come. Policy makers and the private sector must begin to address the difficult choices that will set our nation on a sustainable path.
Drew Lyon and Lindy Paull
Article: Preparing for the unknown Preparing for the unknown
The post-recession global economy will look very different from what US businesses are accustomed to. To prosper in this new environment, companies are adopting a new approach toward risk resilience.

Joe Atkinson
Article: Why diversity—why now? Why diversity—why now?
Today, diversity simply isn’t on the radar screen of many businesses. But it should be. Company leaders are recognizing that the key to success in the next business cycle may well be diversity and inclusion.

Reggie Butler, Monica Oldham, and John Verderese
Article: Bubbles, bailouts, and banks Interview
Bubbles, bailouts, and banks
A conversation with economist Robert J. Shiller.

Interview by Gene Zasadinski and Per Berglund