Public-private partnerships: The US perspective

June 2010
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Public-private partnerships: The US perspective

At a glance

Public-private partnerships (PPPs) represent an untapped source of capital that could help address the US's current infrastructure funding gap, and its crumbling infrastructure.

The massive — and pressing — need to shore up US infrastructure is undeniable. A dearth of investment in recent years has exacerbated the imperative to act now. In response, some 25 states have enacted legislation to enable private-sector participation in infrastructure projects. These public-private partnerships (PPPs), already commonplace in many parts of the world, combine the best of public-sector governance with the most valuable of private-sector efficiencies. And US investors are beginning to show an increasing appetite for PPPs because infrastructure investments provide relative stability.

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Source: PwC analysis based on data from the Pew Center on the States,
the Federal Highway Administration, and
Puerto Rico