Sidebar: Cloud considerations

As businesses begin formulating a cloud strategy, some of the questions that company leaders may consider asking are:


  • How can I communicate the transformational potential of cloud computing to senior management and the board?
  • What business value does cloud bring beyond the IT benefits, and how do I identify and gain those benefits?
  • How can we exploit strategic opportunities while managing risk to the business (finance, tax, operational, and IT)?


  • How do I manage the unpredictability of costs in a pay-as-you-go model?
  • What are the implications of moving to a service model from an accounting and tax perspective?
  • How can IT costs reflect the needs of individual business units?


  • Which of the strategic imperatives can cloud solutions help right away?
  • What is the roadmap that creates incremental benefits on the way to adopting cloud computing?
  • How can IT better align with product development to support our changing business model?
  • How does our talent strategy need to change to support a cloud-based infrastructure?