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PwC perspectives on current business issues and trends


Cover story
Doing business in a changing China
As they tackle the considerable day-to-day challenges o doing business with China, savvy US companies are co-opting that country’s long-term interest in stability and prosperity into their business strategies.  
Alan Chu

Aligning your talent strategy to China business strategy
Does your talent strategy reflect the ever-changing realities of China?
Alan Chu and Lawrena Colombo

Cloud computing gets strategic
Reducing technology costs is just the starting point—learn about cloud’s potential to speed innovation, boost customer responsiveness, and create new revenue opportunities.

Phil Garland, Rob Gittings, and Mike Pearl
Customizing healthcare
How a new approach to diagnosis, care, and cure could transform employer benefits in a postreform world.

Kelly Barnes, David Levy, and Sandy Lutz

Personalized medicine
What it means for patient-centered healthcare.
Gerry McDougall and Matthew Rosamond
Trust but verify
This slogan was used during the Cold War to describe the basis for transparency in political relationships. Today, the term can be used to describe a strategy for narrowing the “trust gap” not between nations, but between companies and stakeholders.
Steve Del Vecchio, Chris Thompson, and George Galindo
Capitalism reset
Anatole Kaletsky looks at how markets and governments affect our financial future.
Interview by Gene Zasadinski