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Is your company prepared to combat corruption—
and seize emerging-market opportunities?

Image: Checked box   Are you aware of your exposure to global corruption risks?
Image: Checked box   Do your employees have a global understanding of all of the anticorruption policies adopted by the company?
Image: Checked box   How do you ensure your code of business conduct standards regarding corruption is met by your employees and your third-party providers, such as agents, sales consultants, distributors, and vendors?
Image: Checked box   Does your anticorruption program have all of the components needed to comply fully with laws and regulations?
Image: Checked box   When embarking on new business opportunities in emerging markets, do you utilize corporate intelligence to identify corruption risks?
Image: Checked box   What reporting and assessment controls do you have in place to monitor and address corruption-related issues before they become significant?
Image: Checked box   Does your due diligence process meet domestic and international regulation expectations with respect to the nature and thoroughness of the effort?
Image: Checked box   Do you regularly conduct due diligence on third-party providers?
Image: Checked box   Is anticorruption training mandatory for all employees?