Meeting the challenge of change

 A new view

A lot has happened since we published our first issue of the new View in the winter of 2008. Even in that short time our world has changed dramatically. America elected its first African-American president; a financial crisis that started in the US became a full-blown global recession; a robust housing market crashed and burned; energy prices skyrocketed, worsening our economic woes; banks failed and were bailed out; billions in stimulus money were approved by the US Congress; the debate on healthcare reform heated up; the deficit exceeded $1 trillion. And I could go on.

Through it all, View has been there to help you make sense of change. Responsive to what interests and concerns you most, we have aspired to provide timely and relevant information to help you grapple with the issues that affect your success and cope with the changing times in which we live and work.

This issue is no exception. If anything, change is accelerating. The articles in this issue of  View—on innovation, corporate responsibility, and technology—are designed to help you keep pace with a changing business environment. In addition, our interview for this issue is with former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, who also knows a thing or two about relentless change.

And while we’re on the subject, I’d like to call your attention to one more change— one that we’re introducing in this issue. Our new US chairman and senior partner, Bob Moritz, is also our newest columnist. Bob takes over the authorship of My View from Dennis Nally, who has assumed new responsibilities as our global chairman. We want to thank Dennis for the many insights he has shared with us in My View, as we look forward to Bob’s unique take on the US and global business scene.

I think you’ll enjoy this issue of  View, and, particularly, Bob’s inaugural My View column. We hope you agree that the analysis and opinion expressed in View help you meet the challenge of change in a way that is both informative and entertaining.

Signature: Tom Craren
Tom Craren
US Thought Leadership