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Image: Innovation

Are you fostering innovation
in your organization?

Do you:
Image: Checked box   Allow behaviors to emerge and self-organize outside of your company’s hierarchical structure?
Image: Checked box   Provide a broad vision to guide such behaviors?
Image: Checked box   Enable innovators to spontaneously and independently enlist people and partners?
Image: Checked box   Use a discipline that provides the freedom to fail and that leads to fast failure?
Image: Checked box   Value aligned and focused instability and enable variety to spontaneously emerge?
Image: Checked box   Foresee a number of plausible scenarios that could emerge and that could lead to failure and success?
Image: Checked box   Seek out and explore potentially threatening emerging opportunities and guide innovation to adapt accordingly?
Image: Checked box   Strategize to allow dynamic changes in plans to adapt through trial and error to the emerging and dynamic environment?
Image: Checked box   Offer many avenues for capitalizing new innovations from both inside and outside your organization to enable them to emerge?
Image: Checked box   Promote fast failure by getting market feedback on pain and failure and show internal patience for failure to allow the team to try again?
Image: Checked box   Identify, quantify, measure, and manage risks with market-based performance metrics?
Image: Checked box   Explore and exploit opportunities based on the application of both market and hierarchical disciplines?