Integration Management Office

November 2012
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Integration Management Office

At a glance

Failure to capture deal value is rarely due to a flawed strategy and most often a result of not executing the strategy in a timely way.

Converting integration strategy into detailed actions that align people, processes, and systems with integration objectives requires an effective governance structure - an Integration Management Office.

A well designed IMO will make sure an integration stays on course and sustains focus on the right activities at the right times.

Doing deals is risky and too many acquisitions don’t achieve the expectations set for them. Carefully developed strategy too often does not translate into integration success. Converting integration strategy into detailed actions and managing those actions across the combining enterprise is critical for success. A governance structure must be in place to align people, process, and systems with integration objectives. This is the role of the Integration Management Office (IMO). To learn more about the integration management office, explore our related though leadership

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