Capital markets in 2025

December 2011
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Capital markets in 2025

At a glance

PwC's survey Capital Markets in 2025 provides input and analysis from 400 senior company executives around the world for their input on factors that are influencing the development of equity capital markets. One of the key findings is that China is predicted to be a favored destination for capital market expansion.

In less than 15 years from now, China is predicted to be the most favored destination for companies to list - as predicted by 80% of respondents to PwC's Capital Markets in 2025 survey. Nearly 400 senior managers at companies around the world were asked for their views on which factors are shaping the development of equity capital markets. This final report presents the highlights of the survey findings, along with additional insights from industry experts and commentators.

Other key findings:

  • The report confirmed the current attractiveness of London and New York as the leading financial centers for access to international capital, with 72% and 74% of those surveyed saying that they would consider those markets for an IPO on a foreign exchange.
  • However, when asked what they thought the position would be in 2025, those percentages decreased to 27% and 39% respectively, due to the potential growth of capital markets activity in China and India by that time.
  • Any shift to the East is dependent on a number of critical factors, such as access to investors and markets. Shanghai is still not open to foreign companies despite the Chinese Government's announcement back in 2008 to open the market.

Clifford Tompsett, PwC IPO Centre leader, said,

"It may seem that the rise of the East is inevitable, but established exchanges around the world would disagree with the pace of this shift. There have been major IPOs in the UK, the US, Spain and Poland this year and PwC expects this to continue in the near term. If we are set for an IPO 'tug of war' between West and East, it can only benefit companies and investors."

Download the full report for additional insight.