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When you’re pursuing an IPO, public debt issuance or another type of capital market event, having an advisor with the right experience and insight can make the difference in helping you achieve your objectives. You can focus on other crucial decisions and be ready when the capital market window opens.

The IPO is a transformational event, requiring many different parts of the business to work together toward a common goal. There will be multiple workstreams, from drafting the registration statement, to preparing and auditing financial information, structuring, creating new governance structures, preparing for the roadshow, and preparing the organization for life as a public company. For many companies this will present a significant cultural shift and adjustment period. As parts of the company start to collaborate on getting ready, management can’t allow itself to be distracted from day-to-day operational execution. Improved business fundamentals will improve your chances for a successful transaction.

We advise clients throughout the life cycle of the IPO process, from pre-IPO readiness preparation to the offering process and beyond.

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IPOs Take a Breath in Q1 2015 After a Sizzling 2014, According to PwC’s Deals Practice - April 7, 2015

US IPO proceeds slowed down to levels not seen since the first quarter of 2012 when the IPO market was rebounding from the financial crisis, with 41 IPOs raising $6.2 billion, according to IPO Watch, a quarterly survey by PwC US.

2014 US Capital Markets watch - analysis and trends

The improving U.S. macro environment, record low interest rates, the stock market’s steady rise, and overall low volatility all contributed to strong U.S. capital markets in 2014. These market dynamics also drove initial public offering (IPO) volume leading to value highs not seen since 2000

How non-GAAP Measures Can Impact Your IPO 

A successful IPO depends on a thorough understanding of how non-GAAP measures can impact the way your company is viewed by potential investors.

Considering an IPO? The costs of going and being public may surprise you

A successful IPO involves two equally important parallel work streams:going public and being public. Assess the readiness of your organization for an IPO to appropriately stage the costs incurred and to minimize unexpected surprises

Fortified for success
Building your company’s risk, controls and compliance ecosystem, for the IPO and beyond 

Going public is a transformational event that pushes company into view of regulatory, investor, and analyst scrutiny. Companies that delay getting their risk management, compliance and compliance infrastructure in order until after the IPO may be jeopardizing their ability to reap the full benefits of going public. This paper lays out steps that will help companies establish a foundation and cover the company’s critical risks and controls, both pre-and-post IPO.

Which Markets? A guide for companies considering a listing in New York, London or Hong Kong

In recent years, a number of factors have been driving an upward trend in global debt and equity issuance. As markets and businesses become increasingly global, the decision of choosing the right exchanges becomes more challenging. A number of factors must be considered to reveal the best options, and planning early can help your company comply with listing requirements and alignment of stakeholder timelines.

Executing a successful IPO 

Achieving success in executing an IPO requires connecting many pieces of a complex puzzle. One thing companies can control is their own IPO preparation process. An IPO Readiness assessment and solid planning early on can help companies that envision an IPO in their future give themselves the best possible chance for success when the markets are open.

Going Public? Five governance factors to focus on

This publication highlights five key governance considerations you’ll want to keep in mind as you contemplate a public offering.

Governance for Companies Going Public
What Works Best 

This publication is a guide to help both directors and executives of companies planning an IPO think through the many governance decisions needed. It creates context for the IPO and the directors’ roles and covers building the board, understanding the myriad governance influences, providing proper protection for directors, and preparing for your first year as a public company.

Roadmap for an IPO: A guide to going public 

Going public is a monumental decision that forever changes the way an organization does business. Once listed, a company will be under greater public scrutiny and will have to comply with a range of continuing obligations. Thinking through the requirements and developing an appropriate plan can reduce unexpected pre-initial public offering (IPO) work and post-IPO issues.

Cross-border IPOs: Choice in an uncertain world 

The cross-border IPO is here to stay. This in-depth report from PwC and Baker & McKenzie, supported with data and interviews with capital markets players, explores how we got here, what’s driving the growth, and where this important trend is leading.

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