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Henry Leveque

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Today’s challenges are daunting

Access to capital to fund expansion and operations is critical to a company’s ability to meet its short- and long-term objectives.

In the best of times, these transactions are highly complex, require sophisticated analysis, and often involve complicated structures.

In the context of the current economic environment, the uncertainty and risk around raising capital has increased dramatically. New “wild cards” include evolving capital market regulation, contraction in the credit markets, the effects of significantly increased government borrowing and lending and global recession.

Against this backdrop, the consequences of an improperly executed capital raising transaction have increased dramatically.

PwC’s capital markets professionals, located in the US and principal capital markets around the world, leverage deep knowledge of international exchanges and regulatory processes to help clients effectively address the new challenges of the current economic environment.

We tailor solutions to your needs, allowing for a thorough approach in anticipation of the requirements of auditors, investors and regulators.

Explore our site, find the issues your company is facing, and see how we can help you.

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