Take Your Mark: How Technology companies can use workforce planning strategies for a smarter business

December 2012


A majority of Technology company CEOs plan to change their strategy for managing talent over the next twelve months. Why? Because they are realizing that the talent they have today may not be the right talent to help them beat the challenges of tomorrow.

The business risks associated with the talent gap in technology are compounded by macro trends disrupting where and how work gets done, what companies offer, how they make decisions, and how they go to market.

It’s important to approach talent management in a way that makes sense for your company, complements your corporate culture, and aligns with business objectives. Technology leaders are discovering that the talent and skills that were critical for success just a few years ago won’t necessarily suffice in an environment strewn with new challenges that demand forward thinking strategies and solutions. They need an approach that will enable them to address their critical talent management needs and manage talent as an asset and differentiator.

Amid heightened competition and change — in the market and in the talent pool — the Technology industry can be a source for innovation, dynamism, and the “next big thing.” but without the right talent, workforce planning and people behind in the race to business success.

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