Technology companies will likely be well positioned to thrive in the new digital ecosystem if they develop the right vision and strategies along with a clear blueprint for execution. Is your business prepared for the New Digital Ecosystem Reality?

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The New Digital Ecosystem Reality: Nine Trends Rewriting the Rules of Business

This paper discusses technological, economic, and political trends that are important to CEOs and C-Suite executives while exploring the trends and challenges that businesses must consider to remain competitive.

The New Digital Ecosystem Reality: Digital Commerce is a Journey

The ability to market, sell and serve through digital means has become a key expectation of all enterprises, but a variety of industry challenges complicate those efforts at Technology companies.

The New Digital Ecosystem Reality: Managing Risk to Enable Strategy

Being aware of risks is one thing; taking specific action to address them head on is another. Many companies have tended to look at risk management as something they should react to, rather than something that they should build into the company culture. For companies to manage and monitor risk more effectively across all areas of operations, they may benefit by applying proactive methods of risk identification, risk prioritization and risk response.

The New Digital Ecosystem Reality: Innovation's Next Frontier is in Customer Service

As customer expectations evolve, customer service has emerged as the next critical differentiator. Forward-thinking companies understand that the future of customer service is proactive, integrated and omnipresent.

The New Digital Ecosystem Reality: Mobile Advertising Strategies for Increased Success

This paper, in the Technology Institute’s thought leadership series titled "The new digital ecosystem reality," discusses how the personalization of mobile devices has created opportunities for advertisers to develop more targeted advertisements, based on user preferences at a more intimate level than ever before.

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About the series

The New Digital Ecosystem Reality series provides PwC perspective on the industry trends impacting the marketplace today and what companies should consider to remain competitive.