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The new revenue recognition standard: Is your technology company ready?
The deliberation is over: On May 28, 2014, the FASB and the IASB released their new standard for revenue recognition, to take effect in 2017 for public companies. The new guidance may constitute the biggest accounting change the world has seen in over a decade, because revenue recognition informs a wide array of business decisions. Technology companies that start preparing for the change now will be in the best position to seize the opportunities that will come with the change—while also surmounting the challenges.
Mobile Innovations Forecast: The elements of contextual intelligence
As mobile markets mature, value creation is migrating to how well a device or service adapts its content and functionality to a user's needs and preferences. Having awareness of the user's contextual situation---where she is; what she likes; who she knows; how she previously used a device or service and so forth---and having the intelligence to act on that knowledge is becoming a core driver of mobile innovation.
Q1 2014 US technology deal insights
Technology deals for the first quarter of 2014 started strong, continuing the momentum of the second-half surge of 2013. Equity markets remained near record highs and IPO activity remained robust in an improving economy. Software and Internet deals continue to dominate as cloud, mobile and data drive much of the industry focus today.
Global Technology IPO Review: Q1 2014
After a strong finish in the last quarter of 2013, global technology IPOs above US$40mn kept the momentum alive with total issues of US $6.8bn from 26 IPOs in Q1 2014. Total proceeds grew by 298% in value over Q1 2013 and by 160% in volume.

PwC Global 100 Software Leaders
PwC presents insights into how software industry trends -cloud, software-as-a-service (SaaS), mobile devices and consumerization of IT –are impacting where the industry is going. Also, view top 100 software leaders by revenue.

The new digital ecosystem: Video
Tom Archer, US Technology Industry Leader.

The New Digital Ecosystem Reality: Nine trends rewriting the rules of business
PwC's Technology Industry leader discusses technological, economic, and political trends that are important to CEOs and C-Suite executives while exploring the trends and challenges that businesses must consider to remain competitive.

Rethinking talent and the connected experience
PwC's US Technology Industry People & Change Leader, Toni Cusumano, discusses the connected experience and rethinking talent.

The connected employee experience for Technology businesses
The workforce is changing for all industries, and employers are no longer in the driver's seat. Technology companies that build a unique connected experience for their employees will drive up innovation and productivity by increasing employee job satisfaction.

Technology's Pervasive Impact on all Industries:

Deals/ Innovation:

Driving Business Impact with Cloud:

Globalization/ Emerging Countries:

Security and Privacy:

Achieving Organization Agility/Talent:

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Technology's Pervasive Impact on all Industries

Pricing model changes and analytics allow opportunities for new customer segments
PwC's US Technology Customer Competency Leader Joe Lo discusses SaaS pricing and the importance of pricing analytics.

Business model shifts offer endless opportunities for strategic growth
Tom Archer, US Technology Industry Leader, discusses strategic growth and business model shifts.

How will mobility disrupt your industry?
It took 22 years for the first 2 billion people to connect to the Internet. The next 2 billion users will come online within the next five years.

New digital ecosystem: Nine trends rewriting the rules of business
Tom Archer, US Technology Industry Leader, shares PwC's point of view relative to the technology trends that are rewriting the rules of business.


Tech companies: The new revenue recognition standard is more than an accounting change
PwC's Capital Markets and Accounting Advisory Services Partner, Chris Smith, discusses the implications of the new revenue recognition standard on technology companies.

Today's technology deals market
PwC Technology Deals Leader Rob Fisher talks to The Deal about the 4 key things tech companies need to get right to have an effective M&A process.

Navigating the challenges of being a public company
Bryan McLaughlin, PwC's US Technology Deals Partner, discusses the momentum in the technology IPO market.

Regulatory considerations for the IPO process
Cory Starr, US Technology Industry Assurance Leader, shares PwC's point of view on the IPO process.

Driving Business Impact with Cloud

Businesses need a new IT platform in today's digital world
PwC's US Technology Cloud Computing Leader Mike Pearl discusses the changing role of technology and its impact on business.

Leveraging the value of Cloud
Mike Pearl, Jasmin Young, Rohit Antao and Alison Millar from PwC's Silicon Valley Practice, discuss the benefits and challenges associated with Cloud technology.

Globalization/Emerging Countries

Innovation and emerging markets in technology
PwC's Global Technology Leader, Raman Chitkara, discusses the emerging markets in technology.

Security and Privacy

The changing risk landscape in the technology industry
Princy Jain, US Technology Risk Assurance/Security & Privacy Leader, shares PwC's point of view relative to information security and data privacy risks.

Achieving Organizational Agility/Talent

Rethinking talent and the connected experience
PwC's US Technology Industry People & Change Leader, Toni Cusumano, discusses the connected experience and rethinking talent.

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Computers and Networking

The changing landscape for computers and networking companies
PwC's Global Computers and Networking Leader, Scott Adams, and US Technology Markets Leader, Sharon Kane, discuss how industry trends are impacting computers and networking companies.

Emerging company services and MoneyTreeTM

Preparing emerging companies for sustainable growth
PwC's US Emerging Company Services Leader, David Silverman, discusses keys to success as emerging companies move through the stages of development.

Startup companies grow more quickly today and the criteria for IPO have changed
PwC's US Emerging Company Services Leader, Danny Wallace, discusses how today's startup environment and path to an IPO has evolved.

Learn how PwC and Galvanize are helping startups grow in the technology industry
PwC's Rockies Technology and Emerging Company Services Practice Leader, Keith Parsons, discusses how PwC and Galvanize are helping startups grow in the technology industry.

The shifting focus of venture capital firms
PwC's Global Software Industry Leader Mark McCaffrey discusses the changing behavior of venture capitalists.

Software and Internet

Mobile advertising consumer preferences 
PwC surveyed over one thousand consumers, held live focus groups and online listening campaigns, exploring the topic of consumer attitudes and behavior related to mobile advertising.

A digital revolution is causing fundamental shifts in the software industry
PwC's Global Software Industry Leader Mark McCaffrey discusses the software industry's digital revolution.

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Line of Service


Priority services in the assurance practice
PwC's US Technology Assurance Leader, Cory Starr, discusses the facets of priority services.


Tax considerations for Tech companies
PwC's US Technology Industry Tax Leader Diane Baylor discusses tax considerations associated with evolving business models for Tech companies.