Cleantech Perspectives: November 2013

PwC's Cleantech Perspectives enable us to share some of the thoughts and insights we have gleaned from our groundbreaking project work and research in the cleantech industry.

Each issue of Cleantech Perspectives features a variety of topics, from renewable energy and clean transportation to tax policy, international developments, and more.

Here are this issue's articles:

Solar securitization: A promising financing opportunity for solar developers
While the potential benefits of securitizing solar assets are many, the risks indicate a need for the industry to develop standardized contracts and risk scoring mechanisms.

Battery update: Can the Lithium-ion industry satisfy the growing demands of the auto market?
Our new battery study analyzes the cost of every value chain element in an EV versus a PHEV, assessing whether battery manufacturers can meet the price and performance expectations of the automotive market.

The state of play – Beginning construction on PTC projects in 2013
The IRS now provides two options for renewable energy developers that want to be grandfathered into eligibility for the Production Tax Credit (PTC) or the Investment Tax Credit (ITC); learn about each of them and determine which methodology suits your needs best.

Cleantech in China: Building a green future
Economic and lifestyle benefits will drive demand for green buildings in China, where certification may be achieved through LEED or the Three Star rating system, which is unique to China.

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