PwC Biofuels Market Insights Survey

April 2014
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PwC Biofuels Market Insights Survey

At a glance

In 2014, PwC conducted a survey of global leaders from the biofuels industry. The survey covered a broad range of trends, from policy and funding to technology and markets.

High-level insights:

  • As expected, government/policy support is the most significant industry concern, while concern over execution risk is lower than expected.
  • Access to capital is a bigger concern than technology risk and product costs.
  • Interestingly, both Canada and the EU outrank Brazil as key regions for future growth. Asia, the Middle East, and Africa lag significantly.
  • The majority of respondents have great confidence in the long-term success of drop-in fuels.
  • The role of cosmetics as an end product in both the near- and long-term is quite prominent, possibly due to the high margin nature of the business.
  • The role of venture capital funding in future biofuels production, at 54 percent, is much higher than expected.