Cleantech issues: Cleantech is a lever to obtain resiliency and deliver financial results

Climate change and natural disasters have the ability to disrupt the day-to-day functions of organizations as well as municipalities. What happens when the next Superstorm Sandy strikes? What’s the plan if a major earthquake hits California?

Why it’s important for your business

Business resiliency, rising energy costs, and sustainability are key elements of the global agenda, and many companies are realizing that investing in their global energy strategy can drive significant cost savings as well as help them achieve their sustainability goals.

Ultimately, cleantech solutions help cities and organizations to reduce costs as well as potentially generate incremental revenue: “green and green” is a win-win.

How PwC can help

PwC takes a holistic and thorough approach towards helping organizations identify and implement the right levers (e.g., energy sourcing, renewables procurement, energy efficiency, clean transportation, etc.) to achieve their business goals and reduce operational costs. In addition, we are uniquely equipped to help island communities within metropolitan areas and campuses (corporate and university) manage their growing energy needs by becoming “smart cities” and deploying microgrid technology.

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