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The center for technology and innovation's white papers provide focused, in-depth original research and analysis of significant technology or business trends affecting an industry or market segment. Our white papers are available here as PDFs. 

Next Gen CIO

The consumerization of IT- The next-generation CIO
The “consumerization of IT”—defined as the use of technologies that can easily be provisioned by non-technologists—is a hot topic among CIOs these days. Today’s consumerization of IT trend is the culmination of a fundamental shift in the relationship between employers and employees—especially professionals—that began four decades ago. This shift has only now worked its way into the world of enterprise technology.

The value-creating CIO
CIOs are no longer behind the scenes at their organizations. Now they’re more often expected to create value in client-facing, revenue-oriented areas where employees need the help of technology to explore and capitalize potential new opportunities and demands.

The situational CIO: IT problem solver, cost cutter, strategist
According to this PwC whitepaper, the pendulum is about to swing back to a demand for more strategic involvement by CIOs, without losing the tactical strengths favored recently.

I for innovation: The next-generation CIO
According to this PwC whitepaper, the best CIOs help define and execute forward-looking business strategies and innovation, as well as maintaining and enhancing technology resources and infrastructure.

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The new digital economy: How it will transform business
Current economic conditions are fostering investment in technology as emerging markets ramp up their demand for technology to fuel growth, and advanced markets seek new ways to cut costs and drive innovation.

The future of IT Outsourcing in the Cloud Computing Era
PwC surveyed 489 business executives in an effort to understand the real state of data center management today and, more importantly, what the ultimate goal is—a complete shift to public cloud offerings or a transition to private clouds or a combination of both.

Transformers: Three technology innovations that are helping businesses become more agile to better manage change
Today's pace of change is relentless. In this article from our business magazine View, discover how technology innovations like cloud computing, virtualization, enterprise Web 2.0, and business performance platforms are helping companies become more agile to better manage change.

Software pricing trends: How vendors can capitalize on the shift to new revenue models
Software vendors are facing significant changes to their business model. They must adapt to a new breed of customer that judges software by its ability to contribute value to the organization. More vendors are moving from the established practice of selling perpetual licenses for packaged software to newer approaches that include software-as- a-service and commercial open source.

Big bets for the US cable industry: Key opportunities for future revenue growth
Cable operators and networks face tremendous challenges—and great opportunities—over the next decade. A saturated core subscriber base, increasing audience fragmentation, intense competition from telecommunications carriers, disruptive new technologies, and changing consumer behavior are some of the issues affecting the industry. There are significant challenges to sustained revenue growth, but there are also potential services, like the on-demand platform, that can revitalize the industry and create new advertising, economic, and business models.