Center for technology and innovation (CTI)

PwC’s Center for Technology and Innovation (CTI) is a think tank that looks at IT trends through an enterprise lens to determine where the major business opportunities are. The CTI is best known for its quarterly Technology Forecast journal, which helps CIOs and other executives anticipate the shape of the most rapidly developing information tech changes and map out how to take advantage of them. The group also publishes a series of CIO white papers that explore how the role is evolving and how executives in that role can expand their influence.

Most Recently Published

CTI’s publications provide focused, in-depth original research and analysis of significant technology or business trends affecting an industry or market segment.

Future of enterprise apps: Moving beyond workflows to mindflows

This issue of the Technology Forecast examines the future of enterprise applications. Emerging technologies, including mobility, cloud, application programming interfaces (APIs), analytics and others are giving rise to the "mindful app".

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DevOps: Solving the engineering productivity challenge

This issue of the Technology Forecast describes the emerging IT development, infrastructure, and operations methodologies in the broader context of strategic and operational enterprise change initiatives.

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Internet of Things: Evolving transactions into relationships

This issue of the Technology Forecast examines the impact of Internet of Things trends on businesses and the IT organization. It analyzes how businesses now have the ability to continue the relationship with customers after the sales transaction by helping them achieve the goals for which they buy the products.

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Solving business problems with game-based design

This issue of the Technology Forecast examines the wide range of video game design techniques that can be used in non-game environments for business benefit.

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