Technology Forecast; Enterprise architecture: trends and outlook Winter 2010

Technology Forecast
Unlocking hidden transformation value

2010, Issue 1

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In this issue of the Technology Forecast, we examine the yin yang of structured or repeatable work processes and versatile or variable human processes.
Image: Technology Forecast: 2010, Issue 1 2010, Issue 1
Our annual enterprise architecture issue, we look at modeling and simulation from an architectural and transformation standpoint.
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Message from the editor
Unlocking hidden transformation value
Mathematics and modeling in general have taken a beating during the downturn, especially when it comes to economics.
Embracing unpredictability Embracing unpredictability
Where will your company’s next innovation come from? You may never be able to guess the answer, but new modeling tools can foster the right environment for success.
Escaping the EA stereotype Escaping the EA stereotype
With the corporate spotlight on transformation initiatives, enterprise architects have a crucial strategy role to play.
The CIO’s opportunity to transform transformation The CIO’s opportunity to transform transformation
Modeling can improve the odds of transformation success.



William B. Rouse Using models for transformation purposes
William Rouse of the Tennenbaum Institute at the Georgia Institute of Technology explores why most transformations fail and how modeling and simulation can help.
Mark Paich Using simulation tools for strategic decision making
Mark Paich discusses how modeling enterprises as complex adaptive systems can pay off in transformation initiatives.
Tannia Dobbins What EAs encounter during transformation initiatives
Tannia Dobbins of AMD sheds light on the practicalities of enterprise architecture in today’s turbulent and cost-conscious business environment.
Michael Lang Brooke Stevenson Overcoming transformation obstacles with semantic wikis
Michael Lang of Revelytix and Brooke Stevenson of Spry discuss how fixing data description problems can help with the rest of your change efforts.