Closing the strategy/operations gap: two examples

How emerging characteristics of business management applications enable agility in information lifecycle management and accounting fraud risk detection.

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This issue of the technology forecast examines the future of enterprise applications and their role in creating a foundation for agility. we forecast a three-layer agility-oriented enterprise application environment that integrates operational and emerging business management applications via a rich information layer of structured and unstructured data. (see figure 1.)

Figure 1: Agility-oriented view of the enterprise application environment


In this article are two case studies that illustrate the three-layer environment. The first is a solution from InDorse Technologies that helps manage the problem of sensitive unstructured information being distributed inappropriately. The second describes software from the PwC Center for Advanced Research that helps ferret out fraud and error in general ledger data.

In each case study, we highlight the strategy-operations gap, the role of information mediation, and the business management application. We also describe the capabilities in these solutions that represent this new generation of business management applications.

In this article

  • Closing the strategy-operations gap: information lifecycle management in an era of extreme collaboration
  • Operational applications
  • Business management applications
  • Information mediation layer
  • Conclusion