Technology Forecast: Summer 09

Evergreening IT with Cloud Computing

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In this issue of the Technology Forecast, we examine the yin yang of structured or repeatable work processes and versatile or variable human processes.
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Our annual enterprise architecture issue, we look at modeling and simulation from an architectural and transformation standpoint.
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Message from the editor
Paul Horowitz Legacy to Evergreen IT
Technologies behind Cloud Computing bring new economics and benefits to IT. The goal should be Evergreen IT, not cloud computing per se.
The real promise of cloud computing The real promise of cloud computing
Evergreen IT delivers flexibility and lower cost. Finally, enterprises can shake off the burdens of their legacy systems.
Enabling Evergreen IT Enabling Evergreen IT
Technologies to create separation in the IT vertical stack and to automate IT operations form the basis for pursuing Evergreen IT.
A CIO’s road map to adopting Evergreen IT A CIO’s road map to adopting Evergreen IT
There’s no shortcut to make your data center and IT infrastructure
legacy free and agile, but you can map a sensible route to that goal.



Geir Ramleth Evergreening IT at Bechtel
Geir Ramleth of Bechtel describes how cloud computing principles transformed IT at Bechtel.
Simon Crosby Using virtualization to break vertical integration in IT silos
Simon Crosby of Citrix explains how virtualization creates separation in the IT vertical stack.
Modeling to automate data center operations
Kirill Sheynkman of Elastra describes the benefits of modeling IT environments in the data center.

Irving Wladawsky-Berger
Standardization and mass customization of IT
Erich Clementi and Irving Wladawsky-Berger of IBM discuss how cloud computing represents a new business and computing model.
Russ Daniels From build-to-order IT to configure-to-order IT
Russ Daniels of EDS, an HP company, discusses how cloud computing is creating opportunity in industry ecosystem interactions.
Doug Hauger Abstracting IT closer to business value
Doug Hauger of Microsoft explains how cloud computing abstracts IT resources for developers.