Technology Forecast: Spring 09

Semantic Web in the Enterprise

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In this issue of the Technology Forecast, we examine the yin yang of structured or repeatable work processes and versatile or variable human processes.
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Our annual enterprise architecture issue, we look at modeling and simulation from an architectural and transformation standpoint.
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Message from the editor
Paul Horowitz Paul Horowitz
In the middle of a downturn, the nature of industry change becomes more apparent.
Spinning a data Web
Semantic Web technologies could revolutionize enterprise
decision making and information sharing. Here’s why.
Making Semantic Web connections
Linked Data technology can change the business of
enterprise data management.
A CIO’s strategy for rethinking “messy BI”
Take the initial steps toward your next-generation data architecture.
Traversing the Giant Global Graph
Tom Scott of BBC Earth describes how everyone benefits from interoperable data.
From folksonomies to ontologies
Uche Ogbuji of Zepheira discusses how early adopters are introducing Semantic Web to the enterprise.
How the Semantic Web might improve cancer treatment
M. D. Anderson’s Lynn Vogel explores new techniques for combining clinical and research data.
Semantic technologies at the ecosystem level
Frank Chum of Chevron talks about the need for shared ontologies in the oil and gas industry.